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We provide digital service on WORLD WIDE WEB 24/7 AVAILABLITY.

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Our Story


Eiuogram Farm And Technology Ltd is a registered business certified by Corporate Affairs Commission NIGERIA with Company Registration Number: 1787751. Business objects for which the company is established Since 2021, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs For Digital Services And Creating Reliable Products To Serve Them All.

To carry on the Business of information Technology, Transfer, Solution provider to meet the fast growing Technological, Computer, Networking and Internet Requirement; To packages, Manufacturing packages, Antivirus packages, software Development and park, Website Design and Deployment.

To carry on the business of Computer sales, Internet Services Providers, Printing, Publishing and Sale of Communication Gadgets, Stationeries, Supplies and General CONTRACTS, Imports and Exports, General I.T services and Software, Hardware, Repairs, Services, Computer installation, Computer services, Computer Networking, Digital Imaging, Communications, Maintenance and Information Technology.

To carry on the Business of Communication, Internet Services, Producers, Graphics Development and Publishing, ICT Documentation Services, Cctv, Security Network, Communication Gadgets, Documentation and Information Management Service, Stationeries, Supplies and General Contractor, Imports and Exports, General I.T Service, I.T Security and Software, Hardware, Repairs, Services, Computer Installation, Implementation, Computer Networking, Digital Imaging, Communications and Information Technology.

To carry on the Business as Farmers, And to engage in All Types of Farming, Whether Describable as Arable Farming, Animal Husbandry, Mixed Farming, Contract Farming, Factory Farming, Organic Farming, Dry Farming, Intensive Farming, Truck Farming, Hydroponics, or Otherwise.

To Engage in Snail Farming, Sea Food, Cultivate the Soil and to Grow Crops of all Description, including Food Crop, Cash Crop, Catch Crop and Fodder Crop.

To acquire, Establish, Work and Manage Stock Farms of all Kinds, Including Ranches, Cattle Farms, Stud Farms, Sheep Farms, Piggeries, Aviaries, Apiaries, Fish Farm and Poultry Farm, and to Raise Livestock of any kind Whatsoever

To carry on the Business of General Merchandise, Import and Export, Trading, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of General Goods, Commission Agent, Manufacturer’s Representatives, Suppliers; To Buy , Sell, Manufacture and Deal in All Articles Substances, Products, Commodities, To Prepare, Package and Preserve for Sale, Manufactured Goods of All Descriptions.

EIUOGRAM & NOVOCAINE SERVICE (vintatt.com & co) will always be my baby and project and I’m thankful for the journey of building a company such as ours from nothing but an idea to something and i thank also our future partners and investors.


A big thank you to all who support us and our works. Everyone is welcome to come partner up with us .